What is a Virtual Assistant

Two of the most common questions we get at True Virtual Assistance are

What is a virtual assistsnt?

How can a virtual assistant help my business

To put it simply, a virtual assistant is the same as a regular assistant but is just working remotly as opposed to being in the office.  A virtual assistant can answer phones, respomnd to emails , input data, and even do payroll. 

A True Virtual Assistant can help your business in multiple ways.

  1. Help cut costs. A average adminestrative employee will cost a business over sixty thousand dollars per year after taking into account taxes, insurance, office space etc. A virtual assitant costs on average $280 per week.
  2. Hiring a virtual assistant will make you and your team more productive. When survaying small business owners the number one thing they all said they wished they had more off was time. Let a virtual assistant free up your day by completing all of your repetative menial tasks for you thus freeing you up to do the things that really matter.
  3. One thing that True Virtual Assistance speacializes in is putting processes in place. Inefficiancies can cost a business up to 20% a year. A virtual assistant can help put these in place while you can focus on other important areas of the business